Bunnies and Burrows

The Orders

Game 4

Boneset takes the time to go through and catalog the skills of the recruits and assign them to appropriate duties.

Pigeon, given the choice between joining the warren defense (which requires taking the time to study the local landscape) or joining one of the ambush forces, opts to join the latter. He meets his three teammates, who he will be fighting alongside at the foremost ambush site. They are Wisteria, a doe, Elm, a buck, and Thunder an older buck who is the leader of the team. Thunder explains that as soon as the warren guards are killed and the council is secured, they will set out to their forward position. Until then he suggests they remain well rested and take time to hone their fighting skills.

Rosalina is assigned to assist in the task of getting the local squirrels to support the warren. She gets the attention of more squirrels than she can count (6) and manages to sway them using her powers of Enthrallment. There are plenty of others working to recruit squirrels, so this is deemed to be enough. She is told that during the battle she will be expected to stay underground and keep morale high with her storytelling.

Barb, being one of the few in the area who is able to speak to crows, is sent with a negotiator to recruit some crows to their side. She and the negotiator, Licorice, go out beyond the warren bounds and manage to get the attention of some crows, who send down a single crow to investigate. The crows are easily swayed when Licorice explains (via Barb) that the Nut Copse Warren is prepared to give them all of the enemy bodies in exchange for their help. However, the crow does have many questions about the when, where, and how which Barb has to take the time to explain. There will be no time to alert them, so she tells them to stay close and be on the lookout for a large group of rabbits moving towards the warren. The crows are pleased with the deal and promise to stay close and be there when the time comes.

Barb is also asked if she (as an empathic healer) is willing to support the guard who will be protecting the only front entrance to the warren that will be left open. She would be able to keep him alive and fighting longer and if all else fails, as a large rabbit she could block the entrance herself. She agrees, feeling it is a good use of her skills.

Sparks is recruited for her skills as a seer and just more generally is assigned to assist with prepping the warren for siege after the council is captured. She successfully has a vision of the secret chamber and notes it has only the one entrance/exit, the plug they discovered. She is escorted outside and casually shown the council members. She recognizes several from her vision and it is concluded that the secret chamber is where they have been having their meetings. She is thanked and advised to keep well rested.

Boneset organizes his attack groups and lays out the plans. Each guard will be handled by a group of three rabbits. Two to approach in the open, and one will come in and perform an ambush. The council will be attacked while in their secret chamber. The plug will be kicked in and they will do whatever it takes to get at least one in a killing position to force the others to surrender.



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