Bunnies and Burrows

The Rebellion

Game 3

Pigeon and Sparks begin the morning by hunting for more nuts. By now they are quite sparse and are overall of lower quality. After this they all decide to meet in one of the bolt holes to discuss what to do next. It is decided that they will approach Clay (the reddish rabbit) and Oak separately. Pigeon and Sparks go to find Clay, while Barb and Rosalina set out to find Oak. It turns out that Oak patrols the area around the bolt hole where the secret meeting took place the night before. They find his tracks and begin to follow them. They are surprised by a sable hunting squirrels in the trees overhead and Barb faints. Unable to move her, Rosalina frantically looks for Oak and brings him back to guard his unconscious mother-in-law. Rosalina talks to him to pass the time, secretly using her Enthrallment skills to convince him to be honest with them. He talks to her about both the meeting and the rebellion. Rosalina asks if she can join the rebellion. The entralled Oak says that she can. Barb finally recovers and asks about the reasons behind the rebellion. It is revealed that the Home Warren has imposed very strict rules regarding the warren’s expansion, breeding rights, and ability to trade in addition to demanding tribute.

Pigeon and Sparks find Clay eating clover. They talk to him casually, discovering his name but little else. While he does hint at the rebellion, he is cagey enough that they don’t know anything more than they already did. They give up and head to the market, eventually trading their nuts for fishhooks with colorful feathers attached.

Rosalina and Barb eventually start heading back to the warren to meet the others when Oak finally starts to return to himself. He’s worried about the fact he revealed so much information. Barb assures him that they won’t betray him. Oak in turn assures her that Emily is not part of the rebellion.

Sparks has a vision that Rosalina and Barb are looking for them. They meet up and exchange information. They decide that they support the rebellion and want to join. Barb is uncomfortable, but doesn’t wish to go against the group. Sparks foretells that the next meeting is three days away. They confirm this with Oak and formally join the rebellion.

They pass the next three days in the warren. Sparks attends the herbalist classes that occur during that time. Rosalina does daily dances and storytelling sessions. She maintains a decent amount of fans. They all go to the meeting. Boneset, the captain of the Warren Guard is the leader of the rebellion. He explains to the group what they will likely need to do. They need to kill or defeat the four guards that are loyal to the Home Warren and roust the Council members who are all from the Home Warren. After that they will need to spend time fortifying the warren and putting ambushes in place along the route to the Home Warren. Pigeon alerts Boneset to the fact that the Home Warren is aware there is a rebellion brewing without revealing the fact they were originally sent as spies. Boneset is concerned by this fact and decides that they need to move quickly. He says that he will inform the Prince about this the following day and will send a runner as soon as the Prince is on board. They all begin to head back to the warren. Barb trips and ends up tumbling for a good distance. Thankfully it doesn’t draw too much attention and Barb is unscathed.

The next day they discuss the other plug with Oak, who knows nothing about it. Sparks has a new vision concerning it, realizing that it is not the Prince meeting behind the plug, but rather his brother Stonebrook. They find Stonebrook and talk with him awhile, discovering he is the ambassador to the Home Warren and that he isn’t all that friendly. Sparks attempts another vision, but fails. Clay comes by to alert them that the Prince is with them and wants to move soon. They talk to Boneset about the plug. He decides it would be prudent to put a watch on it.



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