King Rowan


King Rowan is the king of the home warren. He controls all “military” action within and without the warren. The Hoplights and Owsla both answer to him.


King Rowan was born in the home warren and eventually took control through his strength and cunning. He has lead expeditions to conquer a neighboring warren or two in his time, but is getting along in age and no longer takes to the field himself. He is still strong enough to defend his title, but some are wondering for how much longer.

He is a fairly easygoing ruler and encourages his rabbits to be bold. If rabbits have wish to leave for one reason or another, they need only meet with him to alert him that they are going and will not be back. Generally he will not object.

He has established rulership over two neighboring warrens and trade with two more. He is also on good terms with some neighboring herds of livestock animals.

Unlike many kings, he does not generally stray from his queen and rarely fathers additional litters. His children get no special treatment, regardless of who their mother is.

King Rowan

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