Welcome to the world of Bunnies and Burrows!

Life inside the warren may be safe, but it can be a little boring for stout-hearted and adventurous rabbits. Outside the warren there are promises of danger and excitement. Will you keep your current warren as your home base or will you strike out to find a new warren more to your liking?RabbitPortalImage.png During your travels you are sure to meet enemies and allies alike, perhaps you will even be lucky enough to meet a legendary hero. One way or another, you will have to be quick-witted and strong to make it out there, for the world is our enemy! Be wary always, but above all, be cautious of those bizarre creatures known as humans. They are unpredictable and their ways are unknowable.

May the spirit of El-ahrairah guide you on your journey!

Bunnies and Burrows