Bunnies and Burrows

The Group Forms

Game 1

It is early morning and the majority of the Home Warren rabbits are above ground feeding. Barb is going about her morning routine when she notices Sparks, who is missing an eye. Being an empathic healer, she feels drawn to her. She goes over and introduces herself, asks Sparks where she lives and if she can do anything about her eye. Sparks has a vision of the future, showing the two of them, as well as two other rabbits going on an adventure together. She tells Barb about the vision and spots Rosalina, who she recognizes from the vision.

They approach Rosalina and introduce themselves. Rosalina asks what they want after introducing herself. They explain to her about the vision. She thinks about it for awhile before agreeing, citing the fact that they need her. There is some chatter about setting out at once, but Sparks insists they need the last member.

Pigeon has been eating and decides to take a rest. Spotting what he believes to be a bush, he goes over and rests against it. He notices that the bush is oddly plush, only to find out he was in fact resting against Barb’s side. Pigeon introduces himself and generally squabbles a bit with Barb. Sparks announces they can begin because they now have the last member of the party. Pigeon is voted the leader because of his status as a Hoplite and general experience with traveling.

Rosalina decides to dance to celebrate the occasion. Despite having only three legs she proves to be a marvelous dancer.

Shortly after this, Pigeon is approached by a fellow Hoplite and given orders to gather a party and travel to Nut Copse Warren immediately to investigate and locate the source of rebellion there. They set out immediately.



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