Bunnies and Burrows

The Journey Begins

Game 2

The party begins their journey, traveling towards Nut Copse and following the edge of the forest. The day is fine, they are moving into the wind and there are no signs of predators about. The group travels for awhile before Pigeon decides to break and attempt to make a disguise out of large leaves. He isn’t terribly successful, so they move on and Pigeon abandons his disguise.

After a time, they spot a human and a dog some distance away. Pigeon and Sparks immediately dash for cover. Rosalina is temporarily frozen, but eventually gets under cover too. Barb on the other hand is completely overwhelmed and begins to tremble and scream in panic. Luckily the human and dog are not headed towards them. The human does not even notice their presence, but the dog does seem aware of them. Barb eventually collects herself and manages to get under some cover. The human and dog move on without incident and the party waits for Barb to completely recover before moving on.

They arrive at Nut Copse without further issue and are approached by a border scout. When asked who they are and what their business is, Pigeon attempts to lie about both his identity and their purpose. The scout is unconvinced and Pigeon relents, providing his real name and a more convincing lie about their purposes. The scout eventually remembers Pigeon and lets them pass. He informs them most of the warren is asleep for their midday rest and that they won’t find many rabbits awake.

The group decides to rest underground. After they awaken they split up into two groups to try and find information. Sparks and Barb overhear a rabbit loudly complaining to a friend about how he was robbed of half his truffles for tribute to the Home Warren. Sensing an opening, Barb attempts to empathize and commiserate with the rabbit. Barb overdoes it and the rabbit eventually excuses himself.

Pigeon and Rosalina noticed a rabbit going around speaking to others about a meeting. They approach the rabbit and ask what the meeting is for. She informs them it is a class held by the warren herbalist. It normally takes place every other night, but the herbalist was not feeling well and so there were no classes for the past few days. Tonight they will be going over snuffballs. Pigeon asks about other meetings, the rabbit is unsure, but thinks there may be similar classes that the empathic healer holds.

Pigeon and Rosalina move on and eventually hear some whispering in the brush. There is a medium sized reddish rabbit talking to a larger, scarred up rabbit. He says something vague about a meeting the next night before they go their separate ways. The scarred rabbit returns to a patrol and the reddish rabbits moves on rather quickly. Pigeon tails him, but only sees him stopping to eat a patch of clover he apparently didn’t want to share.

Barb and Sparks spot a female that is quite large like Barb. They approach her and eventually discover that she is Barb’s granddaughter (named Cecily). Her mother Emily met a rabbit from Nut Copse while he was at the Home Warren and traveled back with him. Pigeon and Rosalina join back up with Sparks and Barb. They all go to meet Emily who has a joyous reunion with her mother. Emily explains where to find her burrow and that they are welcome to sleep there and meet the rest of the family come nightfall.

The group does some nut collecting, trades with the local squirrels for unknown herbs and eventually make their way to the trading hub inside the warren. There are herbs, food, and human artifacts available. They get their herbs identified and Pigeon trades some of his for a truffle. They also spend some time making some backpacks.

They make their way to the herb lore class held by Barberry, the warren herbalist. She explains about how to find, prepare, and store snuffballs. They once again hear praise for Prince Stripe Ear and what a wonderful leader he is.

After night falls they go to Emily’s burrow and meet the rest of her litter. Her mate Oak comes home and is introduced to the group. It turns out that he is the big scarred rabbit from the earlier rendezvous in the bushes. Emily and Oak talk more in depth about how they met and a little more about Prince Stripe Ear. Rosalina tells the kittens a story to help them sleep.

The next morning they go about eating breakfast. Rosalina decides to tell a story and dance. The story is exceptional and the dance is lovely too. It garners quite a lot of attention. A rabbit approaches Rosalina and asks if she knows Bun fu, seeing as how she is so graceful (despite her missing leg). She is informed that there is a class right after the midday nap today if she is interested. They finally find out how to meet Prince Stripe Ear. He takes audiences in the meeting burrow before everyone goes to sleep at midday. They spend more time hunting for nuts and trading with the squirrels. They once again go to the trading hub to get them identified and do a bit of trading for other herbs. Pigeon asks if any new human artifacts are available. He’s informed that it is rare for anything new to come in, since they come primarily from Streamside via the Home Warren.

They go to meet with Prince Stripe Ear and ask about how he became leader and generally chat with him to get an idea of what he is like. Prince Stripe Ear had heard of Rosalina’s story that morning and complimented her. Realizing that others are waiting for an audience they eventually excuse themselves and find an empty burrow to sleep in. They attend the Bun fu class and Sparks studies very intently. Pigeon talks with the teacher and finds out they were trained by the same teacher, Shamrock. The teacher asks Pigeon to give Shamrock his regards.

After this they set about looking for evidence of secret tunnels and burrows. They search within the warren itself and find evidence of one. Sparks attempts to see the future of the space and sees that there will indeed be a secret meeting here, but neither Oak nor the reddish rabbit are present in the vision. They continue their search in the bolt holes surrounding the warren and eventually find another secret opening. This one is quite close to the other and they vaguely suspect they are connected. Sparks attempts another vision and confirms that Oak will be there that night. It is decided that Pigeon will cover one end of the bolt hole, with Rosalina and Sparks on the other end. Barb will keep watch on the other secret entrance just in case. They gamble to pass the time before Pigeon sets about disguising all the members of the party. Nightfall approaches and the party members set up watch at their agreed upon posts. They see multiple rabbits they do not recognize and eventually confirm the arrival of Oak and the reddish rabbit. Pigeon attempts to sneak down the bolt hole to listen and makes too much noise, forcing him to retreat. Those meeting block up the secret opening. Pigeon attempts again and gets close to the plug, however he cannot hear what they are talking about. Barb hears nothing at the other secret opening. Pigeon debates kicking in the plug, but knows he can’t fight the group and knows their mission is to identify the source of the rebellion, not quell it themselves.

Knowing they have confirmed the presence of rebellion, he decides to call a retreat and determines that their next move will be to get closer to Oak. The group gathers back together and goes to sleep for the night.



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